Prem Lim

Guide Prem Lim

Languages: English & Cambodian.

Prem Lim is a new guide of the museum. Although he is a young guide, he is still an eyewitness of the civil war. During the war in 1990 in his province he saw fighting in his village (named Snoeng) and he and his family took shelter from artillery fire and rocket launchers which destroyed his entire village. After the war he entered the jungle near his village many times in search for food and wood although this jungle was full of landmines. He saw many people of his village wounded by landmines.

Prem Lim achieved Master of Arts of Buddhist and Pali University of Sri Lanka. He learned a lot about the history of the Cambodian civil war from history books before he became a tour guide at the museum. He has also learned a lot about the war from war veterans, relatives and people from his village in Battambang Province.