Sinarth – tribute to ‘the cat’

The most remarkable person in this museum is certainly Moun Sinarth. He is also known as ‘the cat’ and although it is said a cat has 9 lives, it seems Sinarth has even more than that:

Being a war veteran, he got injured by a rpg, by several other weapons including an AK-47 and by several landmines. This resulted in scars on his skin, shrapnel in his body and even a tiny piece of his own foot bone in his eye…

He has worked for the museum for the last 16 years and every day he has to travel 38 kilometer with his motorbike on muddy roads to the museum, and 38 kilometer back. At some days he drove past active landmines which came out of the ground during a storm. However, he had a motor accident with a cow when driving to the museum in 2016 and in 2017 he discovered a landmine located only 30 meter from his house.

Furthermore, while taking a small break when guiding visitors in the museum, a nest of hornets fell out of a tree, he was attacked and got stung by 58 hornets while fleeing into the toilet.

As one of the last war veterans working in the museum, almost every day Moun Sinarth is guiding tours to visitors in this museum, telling visitors about his experiences during the war and explaining visitors that war is no good. His experiences during the war are also documented in his book sold in the museum shop.

The Catbooks of Sinarth

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